Emma Donovan

Emma Donovan is from the Gumbayngirr people of the Nambucca Valley in Northern NSW and she often sings in her traditional language. Her singing career started at the age of 7 when she sang with her uncles in Aboriginal country band The Donovans and she was an original member of the vocal trio Stiff Gins.

With her unique soul songs she has toured her solo performances in London, Paris, Athens, New Caledonia, Palau and New Zealand. Emma is the youngest member of The Black Arm Band. She has also collaborated with the filmmakers of 'murundak – songs of freedom' on her music video ‘Changes’ and continues to perform her solo work widely.



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From ‘Lullaby’

I can't sleep, when you're next to me
so I'll squeeze you tight, til daylights seen
keep you from the harm the world can bring
while you're in my arms, I'll softly sing
Giingan Ganggurriny
Ngaaja Ngiinda Bayi
Jinda watches when your fast asleep
we'd be talkin' then you've fallin deep
want you to know, that I'm always here
till the morning comes, I'll softly sing
Giingan Ganggurriny
Ngaaja Ngiinda Bayi