Jimmy Little

A true legend of Australian music, Jimmy Little has been performing his country music to broad audiences since his country gospel song ‘Royal Telephone’ sold more than 75,000 records in 1963.

From the Yorta Yorta people, Jimmy grew up on the Cummeragunja Mission on the Murray River in New South Wales. He was the first Aboriginal recording artist. A recipient of many awards as well as three honorary doctorates and an Order of Australia, Jimmy has released 34 records – including the breakout album ‘Messenger’ which saw Jimmy performing covers of Nick Cave, The Church and Ed Kuepper. Jimmy also performed in plays and films including the Billy Graham evangelical film ‘Shadow of the Boomerang’, Tracy Moffatt’s ‘Night Cries’ and Wim Wender’s ‘Until The End Of The World’.

Now in his 70s, Jimmy continues to perform and tour and continues a life of community outreach through the Jimmy Little Foundation. More information on Jimmy visit:


From ‘Yorta Yorta Man’

I was born on the banks of the Murray
Yorta Yorta was my Mothers tribal stand
I’m her son but my Fathers name I carry
As I walk through this great and ancient land

My Father taught me all the things I needed
Like identity and dignity with love
From his Yuin tribal coastal ways of living
Wallaga Lake and Guluga Mountain high above

I’m a Koori and I come from Cummeragunja
Where my people and my Dreaming all began
Some day I know I’ll be returning
Like the legend of my tribal Boomerang

My tribal ways are strong and not forgotten
And though my city ways , well they might be grand
I’d pack it all up and leave it all tomorrow
And go back to my Yorta / Yuin clan.